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Books Abroad

Since 2009 we have been fortunate to benefit from the help of Books Abroad, registered as charity No. SCO 11359 that help to educate children worldwide by sending free school books that are carefully chosen to match the needs of each school.

Calingag School has now received the third parcel from Books Abroad. The Elementary school was also included for the first time and the SIKAT library also benefited from the parcels, which have come with up to over 100 kilos of books for this year 2013.

This means that the students have access to more up to date course and exercise books, new titles for their library and also new reference publications. In a digital age like the present it might not sound like a big deal, but if you consider that there is now a computer lab at the school and that previously the pupils used to share one course book between a class of 30 to 40 students, it is a huge progress!

We cannot thank Books Abroad enough for responding to our plea and joining our cause by having the Nabuslot National High School and the Elementary School as their beneficiaries.

Books sent by Books Abroad


Students from Nabuslot National High School, Calingag Annex, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, received first batch of books from Books Abroad.


Students were elated and happy upon receiving their books from donors, especially from Books Abroad.


Acting Principal, Mr Marvin Slayron with students from Nabuslot National High School, Calingag Annex, Pinamalayan, acknowledging books-gifts packaging parcels from Books Abroad.

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