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We're here to improve education of disadvantaged young people in the Philippines.

The Colour Run UK Fundraising Event at Wembley 11th June


The Color Run is an event series and five-kilometer paint race that is owned and operated by The Color Run LLC, a for-profit company. It takes place in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Wikipedia.

The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. Now the largest running series in the world, The Color Run has been experienced by over 6 million runners worldwide in 35+ countries.”

Maria G. Mendes, who is helping us raise fund fo SIKAT by running in the Color Run UK event at Wembley on 11 June to give the chance of Calingag Philippines a chance in life.

A big Thank you to you Maria G. Mendes for choosing to fundraise for SIKAT. I am incredibly honoured and chuffed that you chose SIKAT from so many other worthwhile charities and causes.

We at SIKAT are fighting for the right of every child of Calingag, (a small village in the Philippines) to receive an education. So they too have access to the skills & life opportunities, that being educated provides.
IMAGINE not having access to a school, to a book or even a pen to write with…

Where would you be without education? I know where I’d be.
Because, I’ve been there, I was born in the Philippines, and went without education for two years while growing up and was deeply grateful to be given the opportunity by my elder brother to return to school again. I am now a proud university graduate I was fortunate though to have that help, but not everyone has that chance.

SIKAT is the only UK based charity supporting the underprivileged areas of the Calingag

Help us raise funds to help children and young people get educated so they too can - like so many children around the world - have access to opportunities through education, skill development, and leisure activities and the chance to pursue careers….Help us raise funds to give these children & young people a chance in life. Without our help, these children don’t even get to hold a book, never mind owning one!

Just two weeks to go! Join us at the Color fun run. I’ll be wearing my pink hat!

Please support the lovely Maria Mendes who is helping us raise funds for SIKAT by running in the COLOUR RUN event held at Wembley on 11th June.
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London ⋆ The Color Run UK

Take the first step towards making your dreams a reality as you cross the start line and enter a magical 5km world, with an all-new Cloud Foam Zone, unicorn mascots and awesome new colors at the classic ‘Color Zones’

To:  Graca Maria Mendes, On behalf of the children and young adults of the Calingag community, we are very grateful for your generosity and kind heart in helping to fundraise for the SIKAT charity. Every penny you raise will help us build an Assembly room.

Please support Maria Graca Mendes who is helping us raise funds for SIKAT by running in the Colour Run UK event at Wembley on 11 June to give the children of Calingag Philippines a chance in life.


2012 Child Feeding Day in Mindoro

During the yearly Flores De Mayo, SIKAT takes part in a local tradition of feeding poor children during the month of May, Each day a different person or family pays for the meals of all the hungry children in the village. Over 300 meals have been given to the children under this initiative.

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